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...At the end of my sessions with Amanda I was in a completely different place from when I first met her. I now feel optimistic about the future and have regained my confidence in myself and my abilities as a lawyer."

"When I first met Amanda I was at a real crossroads in my life. I didn’t know whether to continue in the profession I had trained for and practised in for the last 25 years or whether I should pursue a completely different career path. My thoughts were muddled, I was not thinking clearly or logically...

Victoria Smith

Senior Lawyer, Monmouth

High achievers in every area of life rely on coaches to inspire and guide them. Coaching offers time and space to see things more clearly and find pattern in chaos, through a supportive and trusted relationship. 

With a breadth of experience as a strategic executive NHS leader, as well as in clinical practice, education and research, Amanda has gained invaluable insight into a wide range of challenges faced by senior and executive leaders across sectors. She holds a PhD in Education and is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management.


As a qualified ILM level 7 executive coach Amanda can quickly get to the heart of the problem that might be holding back the client's development. 

Coaching sessions are structured to enable the client quickly to identify the most important area of focus, providing space to reflect on personal values and to make a real shift in thinking.  Success relies on the identification of clear person-centred goals and actions to ensure the greatest impact.

Amanda also offers on-line workshop-style strategic leadership training for senior leaders, encompassing the skills and values of coaching for performance. 

>  Executive Coaching & Mentoring

>  Team Coaching

>  Life Coaching

"I received coaching from Amanda October 2021- April 2022 during a period of transition and career progression. The guidance and opportunity to explore opportunities and be guided by Amanda within the coaching was and has been invaluable and certainly eased my transition and thinking then and now."

Deputy Director of Nursing at University Health Board, Wales

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