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Dr Amanda Smith


Dr Amanda Smith is a certified (ILM Level 7) executive coach and mentor. Her breadth of experience as a strategic executive NHS leader, as well as in clinical practice, education and research, has given her invaluable insight into the wide range of challenges faced by senior and executive leaders. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management.

Amanda has a professional background in speech and language therapy, both NHS and private practice.  She specialised in children’s speech and language difficulties and the impact on this on their learning and education, which inspired her to study for a PhD in Education at the University of Birmingham, while working in the West Midlands and Bristol.  She has held several senior management positions, including as Executive Director of Therapies and Health Sciences in Powys until 2016, after which she established her full-time coaching and mentoring business.

Amanda is currently coaching and mentoring small and medium sized business leaders, UK-wide, mostly in the context of healthcare provision and professional education. Alongside this she delivers strategic leadership training for individuals and teams in the public, private and third sectors.  She is a course tutor for an international ILM coaching training programme.  

Amanda is a Director/Trustee at NDR-UK, a not for profit organisation developing high quality nutrition and diet resources to support patient care.  

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