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Amanda Smith Coaching and Mentoring offers a range of approaches, tools and methods for executive, business and life coaching and mentoring. 

Coaching is designed to support individuals and teams in thinking freely and creatively. The focus is always on you as a unique individual and on the identification and achievement of personal, professional and organisational goals within a supportive and enriching learning environment.

Individual coaching sessions for 2022 will continue to be exclusively delivered remotely, via Zoom or Teams.  This approach was already proving to be an increasingly popular and effective way of accessing coaching from anywhere in the UK. For many it removes unwanted distractions and enhances focus during the session. Since the Covid-19 pandemic it has become the norm.

Strategic leadership training and facilitation may be the preferred option for newly formed teams or groups of senior leaders.  This is designed for senior management and executive teams who are ready to inspire and create a new cohort of leaders. This may be offered in association with colleagues who are experts in related fields. 

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

I will work with you to help you to understand the strengths, talents and values that you bring to your senior/board level role. Together we will explore your core values and how these are built into the foundations of your role. We will review the compatibility of your values with those of your organisation to ensure that you are fully engaged in and actively contributing to the future success of the business. We will look at what has gone well and use that to drive your success in achieving your short-, medium- and long-term goals. We will also explore those things that you are finding problematic and I will support you to find ways to eliminate these. The coaching experience will enable you to create a fundamental shift in your capacity to change the way you do things in your work and life and will produce sustained change beyond the coaching environment.

Business Coaching

As the owner of your business, you may be looking to increase productivity through innovation, review your business model, or consider options for potential change. I will help you review your business strategy and model, ensuring it is aligned with your core values and is capable of achieving your financial and development goals.  We will work together to look at how the business will need to evolve over the next three to five years and how to make the most of your specific and unique skills and knowledge, as well as drawing on those of associates and other members of your team.  I will also support you in becoming an effective manager and leader in a growing business environment, to achieve the perfect balance of light touch management and professional development.

Team Coaching

Coaching the team involves creating a learning relationship with individuals and the whole team. We will use a range of tools and techniques designed to facilitate trust, effective communication, transformational learning and self awareness within a context of an understanding of the role of the team in the organisation.  We will focus on the key contributions and strengths of individual members. The team will identify its goals towards improved performance and effective change management. Collectively and individually team members will explore personal and organisational barriers to success and how to manage and remove these, freeing up space for creativity and innovation.

Life Coaching

At different stages in our careers and personal lives we all find ourselves at points where we have to adapt and reappraise where we are and the direction in which we are going.  I will help you to explore changes in yourself and we will examine external influences which are impacting on your work and home life. We will focus on you as a unique individual and your personal development. One key aim will be that you will be able to become your own coach.


2022 prices:

Individual Coaching/Mentoring   

90 minute session: £165

Group coaching/leadership development 

Half day rate up to 4 hours: £400

Please contact me directly to arrange a free half hour telephone coaching session to help you decide. 

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