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What measurable standards and behaviours should you expect from me as your coach?

Individual and team coaching is structured around six factors as recommended by the Institute of Leadership and Management:

  • Establishing a clear contract

  • Building a trusting relationship

  • Facilitating the agenda

  • Facilitating reflection and learning

  • Managing emotional and organisational boundaries

  • Reviewing outcomes.

Factor 1: Establishing a clear contract

Involves explaining the coaching process and agreeing logistical arrangements, also it details confidentiality and the themes of the coaching programme.

Factor 2: Building a trusting relationship

Addresses how the coach communicates (verbally and non-verbally), answers questions and effectively uses personal stories to aid the client.

Factor 3: Facilitating the agenda

Details the setting of goals, progress towards them and how the coach maintains the client focus on achieving them.

Factor 4: Facilitating reflection and learning

Covers the coach's role in creating opportunities, via a number of techniques, for the client to reflect and then learn.

Factor 5: Managing emotional and organisational boundaries

Considers the appropriate emotional responses from the coach in dealing with the client's emotions.

Factor 6: Reviewing outcomes

Both for the client and for the coach, as an opportunity to reflect and develop further towards coaching mastery.


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