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How do you decide if I am the right coach for you?

The Institue of Leadership and Management suggests a three-stage selection process that can be used by individuals to select their own coach, or someone selecting on behalf of their organisation:

Stage 1: Long list to short list

What experience of coaching does the coach have?

Can the coach demonstrate an understanding of the leadership challenges in your industry?

What training do they have?

What ethical standards do they work to?

What supervision does the coach have in place?

Stage 2: Getting down to the last few

What coaching methodologies does the coach use, when and why?

What price do they charge?

Stage 3: Final selection

What does the coach believe they can achieve for their individual coachee?

What do they believe they can achieve for the organisation?

Will the coach and coachee get on?

To help you make this decision I would be very happy to have a chat with you prior to any commitment on either side and to answer in more depth any or all of the above questions.


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